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Wednesday 3 August 2016

It is a Fantastic Oppotunity to be a part of Jhalak

'When my first two films didn’t do well, I was sitting at home with no work. I don’t want to feel that way again. Being busy is a blessing. I never complain about it and keep working harder.' 
'My biggest challenge is to take it to the next level.'
Jacqueline Fernandez gives us a jhalak into her life.

1. She said, Actually, I was a little shocked because I did not consider TV until it was offered to me. Then I thought it was something to think about.
A lot of people may not go and watch my movies and also may not connect with the characters I have played but every single house in India has a television. I felt the connect I will be able to have with viewers will be lot more.
In Jhalak, there is no acting. The audience will see me as me. I thought it was a fantastic opportunity, so I said yes.
2. My first stage performance was in Mumbai during an awards show, after my second film, Jaane Kahan Se Aayi Hai. I was really nervous, dancing to the latest hits of that time and the performance was a disaster.
I forgot most of my steps, the prop didn’t move properly, my costume was a hindrance... Now, after doing so many shows, I know exactly where to look and what to do even if I forget my moves. I know what costumes and shoes to wear.
And I know that rehearsals are very important. I can tell sometimes when contestants have not rehearsed enough.
3. I wanted to bring some informality to the show, so I don’t want to be in gowns and dresses that will restrict me. I jump on stage a lot and dance with the contestants. I want the contestant to see me as a mentor, not a judge.

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