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Monday 12 December 2016

Bigg Boss 10 : Manu Punjabi is back to the house

Getting back the spice and entertainment to the show will be Manu Punjabi has he returns back to the 'Bigg Boss 10' house. Common man contestant, Manu Punjabi will be joining Priyanka Jagga in the secret room.

With Manu's sudden entry in the room, Priyanka got a big surprise after seeing him come back. While, Priyanka informs him about the current scenario in the house and the changing behaviour of the contestants especially the dirty game that Manveer and Om Swami is playing, Manu tells her the reason why he had stepped out of the house.

With these khiladi's coming together and keeping a close watch on the behaviour and activities of the contestants, the drama is going to spice up once they re-enter the house with a bang. To see how the game is going to change after Manu's re-entry in the house, don't miss watching 'Bigg Boss 10' tonight at 10.20 pm on COLORS!

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